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Here is the full service personal training facility that we will be workout out of.  

The facility is a total of 4500sqf with locker rooms, showers, free towel service, and a large selection of new functional training equipment. You can choose from many health and wellness programs from; sports conditioning, golf fitness, weight management, strength training, general health, and weight loss.

Conveniently located in Centennial, Colorado at 6979 S. Holly Circle. It is close to the south Denver areas of the Denver Tech center (DTC), Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills, Englewood, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and Littleton.

Throughout my career as a Fitness Professional I have been blessed with the opportunity to use my skill as a Certified Personal Trainer to help several unique individuals reach their own personal health and fitness goals.

Corrective Exercise: Because in today's world, people are sitting at a desk in front of a  computer for extended periods of time, and doing repetitive movements throughout the day which can cause: forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, a weak core, and non firing glutes. I will properly design a corrective exercise strategy focused on bringing the body back to its anatomically correct position. Through a synergy of myofascial work (using the foam roller), an active full body stretch warm up and a comprehensive strength and conditioning program the body will become realigned. By correcting these muscle imbalances workouts will be more efficient and possible injuries can be prevented.

Weight loss: is obviously one of the most popular reasons people hire a Personal Trainer. I find this to be one of the most rewarding perks of my profession because it gives me the opportunity to change some ones life. As your personal trainer I will design the proper resistance and cardio program to ensure your success! Not only will I focus on your workouts I will  also coach you on your nutrition and make myself available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Building Muscle and Toning: whether your new to working out, need that extra push, or maybe you've reached a plateau. I can help! With my personal training experience and expertise I've helped dozens of clients achieve the body they've been dreaming of. I like to mix it up a bit and keep the workouts fresh, fun, and yet challenging. I'm all about results and if firm glutes and a flat stomach is what you want we'll work to achieve it. Nothing worth having comes easy, if your goal is to build muscle or tone up... it take hardwork, dedication, and consistency along with a properly designed hypertrophy program and balanced nutrition.

Enhancing Sports Performance: To become an elite athlete it takes hard work and dedication. You always have to keep in mind that there is always somebody out there working harder than you. Being an athlete that's competed on a high level along with my expertise as a Certified Personal Trainer I know how to take your game to the next level. Whether you're in high school preparing for college, in college, or on the professional level. I can  help enhance you sports performance... Bigger, Faster, Stronger!

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