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Hash has kept me motivated and started this transformation from couch potato to endurance athlete. The workouts and plans have been tough, but manageable. He makes working out fun by keeping things fresh and exiting. I look forward for the results over the next 6 months of personal training!

Kevin Shuler

Hash is an amazing personal trainer. I have trained with him for almost 3 years now and I will follow him because he is that good. He has helped me with my goals and continues to help set new goals. He listens to what I need and want. He makes it easy to get there. Getting fit and healthy is easy with Hash because he truly cares. I highly recommend personal training with Hash and 360 Fit.

Angel Casados

I had four compressed fractured vertebra last year. I had kyphoplasty surgery three times. I went through physical therapy, I went to a trainer, I was getting nowhere. Still not strong, unable to play golf, which I love. My life was centered around pain. A friend told me about Hash. I started working with him on June 26th and the results were almost immediate. I can do so much more, even played ten holes of golf. Hash has brought me from a year of physical and mental pain, to a functioning and happy human being. I am 66 years old. whether you want to be more fit or trying to overcome chronic pain and weakness along with being fit, this is the man!

Hash truly wants to help people be the best they can be. I cannot say enough about how good he is at Personal Training. Thank you, Hash. Thank you!

Joan Tinnin

360 Fit is amazing! Hash really pays very close attention to what I need based on what I told him I am looking for in fitness. He is always aware of proper form and making sure I get the best workout possible. I recommend him and 360 Fit highly!

Brian Thomas

Georgia Saunders

After spending years working out with the same machines at the gym and not seeing results, I decided to sign up for personal training with Hash in July. I hesitated at first since I had another personal trainer for a brief period that just took me around different machines at the gym.

I started seeing and feeling results quickly during my sessions with Hash. Hash is always focused on his clients and tailors everything to meet their needs. He is sensitive to my limitations but still always provides a challenging work out. When I am ready to give up, he is there to push me to my limit. I can always count on Hash to put together a work out session with something new included. I am most impressed with his knowledge of personal training and exercise. This has made it fun and new but most of all a success for me!!

Working out with Hash, along with  his nutritional guidance assisted me in losing 30 pounds over a 5 month period. After I met my goal weight , I still have continued to train with Hash and recommended his training services without hesitation to anyone who is considering training. You will not be disappointed.